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I help busy, overwhelmed people gain strength, build muscle by working out smarter, not harder and lose 4-6 kg of fat in the first 60 days!

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Everyone's journey is different. Whether you're a busy parent, going through menopause, or looking to up your game in sports, there's a plan just for you. Dive in and find what fits you best.


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Working with me will get you results you could never believe were possible. You will do it 100% naturally, no pills, powders or any starving diets. I want you to know that is possible and you will do it.


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About Turo


If you are interested in losing body fat, gaining strength and improving your performance, you have found a resource to do that.

For those who want to know more about me, I am a bit over 40 years old, originally from Finland but living in South Tyrol, Italy where I work as personal trainer.

I was lucky enough to make my enthusiasm with ice hockey to my profession. I played professionally over 10 years in Finland, Germany and Italy. After my career as hockey player I became referee.

I was lucky to work with many great coaches during my playing career from who I was able to learn many things being better coach and human. It was also important to have coaches who were not so good to not make same mistakes.

When I started as Personal Trainer at 2016 my first goal was to help other people. It became a real passion to me. I like to try different things myself, read and learn what science is saying and then bring my knowledge to my clients.

What you will find though, is real, practical, and research based information that can not only help reach your fitness goals, but keep them for the rest of your life.

My approach to fitness is very straight forward. No BS. You will be reminded you have to work hard. You have to be consistent. You have to put in effort. It will take time.

But it will be sustainable and worth it.

Helping people is my passion, it is not a work. If you ever have some questions, I am happy to chat and help if I just can.

Currently my services include 1-1 Online Coaching, Membership Coaching which I offer for my clients all around the world.

Locally I offer Group courses like functional Strength Training and High Intensity Training.

More about me

Brigitte lost over 10 kilos..

"I have tried 100 different diets and methods and nothing was working for me in long term. Now I found something what really helped me to get results what are staying. I never felt being on diet and finally I am able to enjoy new lifestyle."
She worked out 2-3/week. She ate overall healthy and was having several holidays and was nowhere near to be 100% perfect on her diet. But she never felt bad or guilty for enjoying also life and eating chocolate or having a glass of wine every now and again.



Giuseppe lost his belly...

" Before I started Online Training with Turo I had overweight and my back was hurting. I wanted not only to lose weight but also get better endurance and build muscle.
Now after 5 months I started Online Training, I have reached my all goals I had in the beginning. I actually lost more weight than I thought would be possible and not only losing fat, I was able to build more lean muscle mass. My back pain is only a memory"

He worked out 3x per week and through a proper strength training his metabolism got higher so he is now able to eat more than before and still see results.

Serena finally got results she always wanted...

"I was struggling with back pain and with my nutrition which I thought were classic women problems at my age (almost 40). I had a really bad relationship with food and with scale.
I was already working out at the gym and thought I was following a good program but how wrong I was.
Within 8 weeks we have worked together, I have seen more progress than ever in my strength and I have improved my stability and posture. My back pain is only a memory. I am feeling better than I felt in my twenties.
With Turo's help I also understood that scale is not the best way to measure my progress and I was surprised to see the difference in my pictures. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw what had happened within the last month. (Pictures are only one month difference and I didn't lose any scale weight) Now I literally don't care what scale is saying when I know what difference I see in the mirror.
The best thing with working with Turo has been that I never felt being on diet or needing to restrict something. He got me to understand what matters and I feel like this is the beginning of being the best version of me.
Turo is an exceptional coach and I cannot recommend him enough. If you are considering working with Turo, don´t hesitate! It might also change your life forever!!"

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Instagram – @personaltrainer_turo

TikTok – @personaltrainer_turo

Podcast – FitMitTuro Fitness Podcast

YouTube – Turo Virta



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