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I help busy, overwhelmed people gain strength, build muscle by working out smarter, not harder and lose 4-6 kg of fat in the first 60 days!

When you join FitMitTuro Membership you immediately get access to my 60 Day Simple Fat Loss Challenge.

This is one of the most effective programs I have ever written to lose fat, build muscle, gain strength, and completely transform not just your body but your habits for life.

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  • FitMitTuro Membership
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  • Nutrition Guidelines To Lose Fat & Build Muscle
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What my clients say

During Covid I gained a lot of weight and felt very embarrased about my weight gain. I felt very sluggish, unfit and very depressed. I could not shake it it myself and what´s when I started talking with Turo. We came out with a plan which was very scary. Now after 3 months I am so happy I did it and I feel so much different. I feel like my old pre covid self. My weight is not there yet but we are going on right direction. I definitely improved my mental health as well.

CJ, 38 years old woman from Canada

I have been working with Turo around 1 year and during that time I have gained a lot of strength and endurance while having a busy life. The best part is that all weight I have lost have been from my waist, when my arm measurements have been the same. This shows that almost all weight I have lost have been fat. I can only recommend Turo!

Joshua, 38 years old health care professional

Before I started Online Training with Turo I had overweight and my back was hurting. I wanted not only to lose weight but also get better endurance. I was not sure if would be able to workout alone but with very first time I talked with Turo I got already feeling that he will be able to help me and motivate me. Now after 5 months I started Online Training, I have reached my all goals I had in the beginning. I actually lost more weight than I thought would be possible and not only losing fat, I was able to build more lean muscle mass. Pain in my back is gone and I actually have done all my workouts in that time. Turo is doing great job with tips, motivation and I could not wish anything more from Online Training. I am really happy and can only recommend Turo and his Online Training to anybody. It is worth to invest yourself and good coach.

Giuseppe, 47 years

Before I started working with Turo I was not being consistent or disciplined with my healthy eating, I was having an unhealthy relationship with food and I didn´t follow a proper program for my workouts. Now after 3 months I am able to develop my own program for working out and I see how important it is to progress. My relationship with food is better as it has been grilled in my head to not look a foods as good or bad and to not restrict because I then binge. I now have better consistency with eating and I know what to do and it’s ok when I go off track just hop back on but don’t restrict because of it. When I started working with Turo, I wanted to maintain my lost weight and be able to overcome myself and be disciplined. What I have achieved in 3 months are even more: I’ve gotten stronger I feel stronger I had a major knee issue and it is resolved today My core is stronger I am more flexible and have more mobility I can only thank Turo for his knowledge and wisdom and recommend Turo´s coaching anyone who want to sustainable way to lose weight and keep it off!

Skylar, 43 years old office worker from USA