Client Testimonials

"Before I started Online Coaching with Turo, I was always working out but never really followed a program and was not quite sure how to eat, especially when it comes to calories and protein. 

I was struggling with stress eating, not knowing exactly what kind of workouts I should be doing and what being consistent means, especially with a busy schedule. 

After 3 months of Coaching, I have gotten stronger than I have probably ever been in my life at the age of 40+. I am actually staying consistent and have been working out 2-3x per week with a program that suits my busy schedule. 

As a result my body has changed more than I could ever imagine in only 3 months. I couldn´t believe it until I saw pictures (see them below) Even though I didn't lose weight in the beginning, I was losing fat and got stronger. After 2 months I suddenly started to lose weight. I absolutely love workouts and especially the results I have got doing them. 

These results have led to better motivation.

I really like follow ups and simple actionable steps, how to stay consistent, plan everything ahead and find a sustainable way for me to do it without being on a diet.

Thank you for your help and great workouts!

I can only recommend Turo´s Coaching! "




43 years old office worker from Norway

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" During Covid I gained a lot of weight and felt very embarrased about my weight gain. I felt very sluggish, unfit and very depressed. I could not shake it it myself and what´s when I started talking with Turo. We came out with a plan which was very scary. Now after 3 months I am so happy I did it and I feel so much different. I feel like my old pre covid self. My weight is not there yet but we are going on right direction. I definitely improved my mental health as well. 


Listen whole interview with CJ from my FitMitTuro Fitness Podcast EP 35/22


38 years old woman from Canada

" I have been working with Turo around 1 year and during that time I have gained a lot of strength and endurance while having a busy life. The best part is that all weight I have lost have been from my waist, when my arm measurements have been the same. This shows that almost all weight I have lost have been fat. I can only recommend Turo! "



38 years old health care professional


"I followed Turo on social media and got huge value already doing that. It gave me hope and luckily I contacted him even though I was not even thinking about starting coaching as I had a bad experience working with other coaches. 

I was struggling with back pain and with my nutrition which I thought were classic women problems at my age (almost 40). I had a really bad relationship with food and with scale. 

I was already working out at the gym and thought I was following a good program but how wrong I was. 

Within 8 weeks we have worked together, I have seen more progress than ever in my strength and I have improved my stability and posture through individual programs. My back pain is only a memory. Particularly I love changing monthly workouts and focusing on different goals. All this has led to me feeling better than I felt in my twenties. 

With Turo´s help I also understood that scale is not the best way to measure my progress and I was surprised to see the difference in my pictures. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw what had happened within the last month. (Pictures below are only one month difference) Now I literally don't care what scale is saying when I know what difference I see in the mirrow. 

The best thing with working with Turo has been that I never felt being on diet or needing to restrict something. He got me to understand what matters and I feel like this is the beginning of being the best version of me. 

Turo is an exceptional coach and I cannot recommend him enough. If you are considering working with Turo, don´t hesitate! It might also change your life forever!!"




38 years old Nurse from Swizerland

" Before I started working with Turo I was not being consistent or disciplined with my healthy eating, I was having an unhealthy relationship with food and I didn´t follow a proper program for my workouts.
Now after 3 months I am able to develop my own program for working out and I see how important it is to progress.
My relationship with food is better as it has been grilled in my head to not look a foods as good or bad and to not restrict because I then binge.
I now have better consistency with eating and I know what to do and it’s ok when I go off track just hop back on but don’t restrict because of it.
When I started working with Turo, I wanted to maintain my lost weight and be able to overcome myself and be disciplined.
What I have achieved in 3 months are even more:
I’ve gotten stronger I feel stronger I had a major knee issue and it is resolved today My core is stronger I am more flexible and have more mobility
I can only thank Turo for his knowledge and wisdom and recommend Turo´s coaching anyone who want to sustainable way to lose weight and keep it off!"


43 years old woman from USA

" I had a lot weight to lose and after a good start I hit weight loss plateau. I was not able to see any progress despite eating very little calories. With Turo´s help we started to raise calories and actually workout less. As unbelievable it sounds, eating more and working out less (but smarter) helped me to start losing weight again, while eating almost 1000 calories more than before!" 



23 years old butcher from Austria

”I needed to start working out after I gain some weight due my menopause and I didn´t feel well anymore in my body. I wanted also to tone my body again.

I needed somebody to motivate me to stay in track with my training and with Turo´s help I have exceeded my expectations. First 8 weeks I was able to make all my planned workouts and I already start to see difference in my body and specially my abs got lot stronger.

I really love messages I get in days when I am working out so it feels that I am never alone. Turo is doing great work and I would not change anything.

I would recommend FitMitTuro Online Training to anybody but specially for somebody like me who want to get in shape after menopause.”


51 years old woman from Cardano, Südtirol. She is working in shop.


“Before I met Turo and started Training with him I had disc prolapse and my back was hurting really much regularly. I wanted also to lose my belly fat and get firmer skin as well. I started Training with Turo in Trampolin course and was really excited about his workouts.

After I started also Online Training with Turo and that was the best decision I could make. I needed motivation and to get right exercises for my back. I went earlier to gym but felt always alone there.

I didn´t have too much time to make exercises or cook but individual program designed just for me with just 20 minutes per session and Turo´s tips for nutrition have helped me to stay motivated. Past 3 months I have been able to stay consistent with my workouts and learned a lot about nutrition. I never felt being on diet or had to change something too much. I can still eat foods that I love but I have learned a lot how just small changes will make huge difference in long run.

Now after 3 months, pain in my back have disappeared and also belly is almost away. All what I needed was just 20 minutes per workout.

It feels just amazing to be able to live again without pain and I could only recommend Online Training with Turo for everyone who want to do something good for their own body.

Turo is doing fantastic job and I could not wish anything more. “

Karin S.

38 years old woman from South Tyrol



" Before I started Online Training with Turo I had overweight and my back was hurting. I wanted not only to lose weight but also get better endurance. I was not sure if would be able to workout alone but with very first time I talked with Turo I got already feeling that he will be able to help me and motivate me.

Now after 5 months I started Online Training, I have reached my all goals I had in the beginning.  I actually lost more weight than I thought would be possible and not only losing fat, I was able to build more lean muscle mass. Pain in my back is gone and I actually have done all my workouts in that time.

Turo is doing great job with tips, motivation and I could not wish anything more from Online Training.

I am really happy and can only recommend Turo and his Online Training to anybody. It is worth to invest yourself and good coach."


47 years old man from Auer, South Tyrol. He is working in agriculture and was not active before starting Online Training with Turo

"When I started Online Training with Turo I was powerless and always tired. I also wanted to lose some fat and gain more muscles. Before I was never really working out and I was not sure how this program will work.
With Turo´s optimal program and motivation I have already now reached my goals I had. I have gained over 7 Kg muscles and same time lost from my weight almost 10 Kg! I have more energy and I am not tired anymore. I feel better that ever in my life at age of 48!
I eat now lot better and healthier than before and I will never go back to my old habits. I can say that Online Training with Turo have really changed my life. I am so thankful for him and all his work he has done for me!
Online Training is great service and great value for my investment. I could not wish anything more.
I would recommend Turo to specially somebody like me who really want to get more energy, lose weight and feel better than ever!



48 years old man from Südtirol. He is working in gastronomy and was earlier never working out.

"I have tried 100 different diets and methods and nothing was working for me in long term. Now I found something what really helped me to get results what are staying. I never felt being on diet and finally I am able to enjoy new lifestyle. Now I am able to lose weight even on holidays"

I could not be more proud about you Brigitte. With your hard work  you have deserved your success. More than 10 Kilos and over 20 cm circumference in belly are just few of many results you got in 8 months. Respect! You are truly motivation for all.

Brigitte Wieser

59 years old woman from South Tyrol

” Before I started Online Training with Turo I had overweight, daily activities were hard because I was not very mobile. I was years ago athletic and very active but last years I didn´t do much sport and wanted to be able to run again.
Online Training with Turo have helped me a lot, I am already now after 2 months a lot more mobile, stronger and I feel great not only physically but also mentally. I am already able to run and it is getting all the time easier.
I really like how personalized Online Training is and how Turo is adapting my training when I had problems with injuries or exercises. Following and practicing with App is really easy even I am not very good with technology.
Turo is doing great job with tips, motivation and I could not wish anything more. I feel well guided all the time not only with training but also with nutrition, even that is at the moment hardest part for me but I am sure sooner or later also that will get better.
I can recommend Online Training to anybody, it have more than filled my expectations and is totally worth of investment.”


Martin Piger

56 years old man from Auer, South Tyrol. He is working in agriculture and was not active before starting Online Training with Turo


"When I started to train with Turo, I was sitting after operationin my achilles in wheel chair, had a lot overweight, lost a lot of muscles in my legs and my back was hurting. I was not feeling good at all.

When we started working together even one time in week was a lot for me but with Turo´s help now I am working out 4-5 times in week, have changed my habits for healthier. It took some time but now I am feeling great, I was running first time in my life at age of 49, legs are stronger than ever before and my back is not hurting anymore! The best thing is that I have never felt on being diet and could never think to get back to my old habits. I have lost a lot weight already now and I am feeling better than ever. Working with Turo have changed my life. I would recommend Turo to anybody.



49-year old woman, from Trentino Italia

” When I started Online Training with Turo I wanted to keep my weight and get in shape by practicing through winter from comfort of my own home.
I was doubting if I am really motivated enough to practice whole winter all by myself but with Turo´s regularly messages and feedback I have stayed motivated whole time and have done all my workouts. As result of regular practice I feel already better that ever.
Turo have given me motivation what I needed with his friendliness and is always helpful with my all problems.
I am really satisfied with Online Training and could recommend Online Training with Turo to anybody!"



42 years old woman from Südtirol. She is working in restaurant.

"When I started Online Training with Turo I have just got 5 months earlier my 2nd Baby and I needed more stamina and strength for my whole body.

With specially for me targeted exercises I feel already a lot better and have more energy even with my situation it is not always easy to find time to practice but with Online Training I have my program ready and can practice when I find time for myself.

I was already doing group courses before birth of my 2nd baby and already in that time really exited how effective and how fast I was able to reach my goals! Keep doing GREAT job!

Service is really professional and effective, I could recommend Group Practice and Online Training with Turo to anybody!



31 years old woman from South Tyrol. She is mom for 2 small children

Already before I started training with Turo was sport my passion. Everything started two years ago. I recognized that my back and neck pain disappeared because of training. After these great results I decided to begin with HIIT practice. With HIIT practice I went to my limits and it was hard to breath, even I was doing a lot sport. So I decided to set my goal to to gain more muscles in my arms, abs and back. With Personal Coaching I reached also these goals. For me personalized practice program was working really well and I had fun. I am really happy to have chance to participate Turo’s Online Training.

I specially like Turo how he is always motivating me. He is asking always if everything is ok and how is it going with practice.In same time he knows where we could make mistakes. Through his presence und many challenges training never got boring.

I would recommend Turo to anyone!




29 years old woman from South Tyrol. She is working in office and is really active. Her goal is to gain muscles and get in better shape


When I started Online Training with Turo I had less strength and stamina, often also no motivation and for that reason also could not find time for workout.

Since I started Online Training with Turo my motivation is increased and I have seen that I completed my workout often even I was not so motivated. After I feel always great and workout start to be my routine. Now I have already a lot more strength and stamina and I am really happy about my results until now.

Turo have given me motivation what I needed with his friendliness and is always helpful with my all problems.

I am really satisfied with Online Training and could recommend Online Training with Turo to anybody!



35 years old woman from Südtirol. She is working in office and was not so active before starting Online Training with Turo.

I wanted to start Online Training with Turo because I didn´t want to participate group courses because of my schedule. Now I can practice whenever it fits to my schedule! With his great App and practice program I already made some great results. Exercises are getting easier all the time and I feel a lot better. I am really happy with Online Training with Turo, this was exactly what I was looking for.”




59 years old woman from Südtirol