Finally Stop lifelong dieting and lose fat in a sustainable way - without relying on willpower

  • Get off the endless yo-yo dieting cycle
  • Eat like a “normal” person (yes you´re still able to eat your favorite food)
  • Stop thinking about food 24/7
I´m in - Let´s do this

So you can get results like this…

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"With very demanding work and 2 small children it was always a challenge to find something sustainable. I was doing all diets but never able to stick with a plan longer than 3 weeks before I worked with Turo. I wake up now with energy, got a more toned body and learned to appreciate my body while building a better relationship with food and myself.

These were initial results only after 3 months but the best part is that I have been able to follow these strategies he told me over year now even we are not working together anymore and have been consistently losing weight since”


"I thought that only by restricting rules I would lose weight (both on fitness and nutrition). Now I’m more disciplined and aware of my nutrition without any restricting mindset. As a result I have more stronger body and look toned and my energy is so much better than before”

FitMitTuro Membership coaching is the most effective way to start building your healthier lifestyle without relying on willpower..

And when you follow some of my strategies you can say bye to starting over every Monday and say hi to better energy and healthier lifestyle!

  • Learn everything on most effective, science proven nutritional strategies that takes not longer than 4 minutes of your day

  • Implement these strategies to stop overeating so you can make progress even while being on holiday

  • Get more toned and stronger body by working out smarter, not harder

Now you might be thinking that I would like to join but.


I am too busy… I totally get you. But like I wrote earlier you only need a couple minutes per day to start implementing your tailored strategies. And as you know, if you don't have couple minutes per day, it simply isn't import enough for you to make change

I am going on holiday, can I start after? - perfect time will never come. I have some strategies even for holidays so you can get most out of it and enjoy it without feeling guilty. 

How are you going to make me stop lifelong dieting as I have literally tried everything? - I understand that you are suspicious, I would be too! The secret is that I am not telling you what to do, I will provide you strategies and from these strategies you decide what you are going to follow. In the past you have probably used rules from someone else and when you couldn't follow them, you felt deprived, guilt and shame because you though you are the problem

Is this worth investing? - Let me put it this way, how much is it worth for you to keep struggling with a mindset being on a diet all the time and not seeing visible results? It is costing 40€/month and you can cancel anytime. If for some reason you are not 100% satisfied, I´ll return your investment without asking any questions. So you have nothing to lose. Fair enough?!?

What some of my coaches and most successful clients have to say!

Jordan Syatt

Fitness legend with over 1M followers

“If you want to break free from overeating and emotional eating, you should definitely hire Turo! He is the most amazing coach and unbelievably qualified. I know Turo and I have worked with him so I know him well”

Brigitte Wieser

59 years old woman from Italy

"I have tried 100 different diets and methods and nothing was working for me in the long term. Now I found something that really helped me to get sustainable results. I never felt like being on a diet and finally I am able to enjoy a new lifestyle. Now I am able to lose weight even on holidays"


41 years women from USA

“Turo, thank you for saving me from years of struggles and fixing my relationship with food and exercise. Thanks for all that you do!”



“How much does the FitMitTuro Membership Cost?”

 The mistake most people make is they think the “do-it-yourself” route is cheaper. What they don´t take into account is how slow and frustrating it can be.

 Or worse…

 You keep repeating the same mistakes over and over again and will never learn why you made those mistakes so you keep struggling with this vicious dieting cycle.

 So next, you might be asking, “can you help me?”

 I believe I can like I have helped literally hundreds of people do. You can hire me or some other qualified coach to help you and be your personal coach… But 1-1 coaching is expensive as you can work only with so many people to be able to provide quality services and you´ll pay €400 to €2000 per month.. 

 And all people can´t afford that. That's why I have put my almost decade experience and knowledge together and created this Membership program so you can learn with your own speed and start implementing strategies step by step. It is as simple as building legos where you see and feel your progress piece after piece. 

 You can get my all the best nutritional strategies, step by step progress and science based strength training workouts for just 40€/month (or pay 6 months full and get one month free)

Plus I have a 30-day, no questions-asked Money-Back GUARANTEE!

Your investment is Fully Backed by my 30-Day Money-Back GUARANTEE!

I don´t want unhappy money or unhappy customers. If this is not the best fitness program you´ve ever taken, if you´re not satisfied with the quality of the content, or for any other reason whatsoever, simply email me [email protected] requesting a full, immediate refund!

No questions asked!

You´ll get also these Bonuses:

  • 60 Day Simple Fat Loss Course
  • 100 Low Calorie, High Protein Recipes
  • One week 1-1 coaching.
I'm in! Let's do this