5-days finding your sustainable way to lose weight  and keep it off challenge.

Are you a struggling yo-yo dieter who wants to stop the diet cycle and finally feel confident when looking in the mirror?

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Hosted by Personal Trainer, Turo Virta

In 5 days you´ll learn why you´ve struggled with weight loss in the past and how simple it can be to reach your body goals without cutting out your favorite foods and drinks, doing hours of cardio or starting another restrictive diet!

In this 5-Day Challenge you will learn:

  • How you can find your individual way to lose weight and keep it off so you can finally have the body you always wanted and feel more confident and energized.
  • How to make progress without having a lot of time

Imagine Having The Same Results As Past Challengers…


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We Start on 9th of January 2023 

at 15.30 CEST (09.30 AM Eastern Time)


Weather you're more like Lara or like Serena, either way you are:


1. Confused about how to lose weight




2. Clear on the steps you need to take, but as of yet unable to consistently apply your knowledge to get real results.

What You Get When You Join the Challenge:

1. Daily Live teaching session with Coach Turo
2. Clarity and clear steps what you need to do to fit back to clothes that have been too long in your closet
3. Quick daily actionable goals
4. Private FB Group for accountability

I'm Going To Show You Exactly What To Do & How To Do It


But, first, I'm going to properly introduce myself:

My name is Turo, I am a nutrition coach and personal trainer.

I have been lucky to help literally over 1000 people to lose weight and keep it off in the past 7 years. The best way to achieve your health and fitness goals is to make your journey effective and enjoyable at the same time.

I've taken the systems and strategies I've used successfully with my 1-1 online clients and put them all together in one place and during this 5-day Challenge, I will show how.

FAQs About 5 Day - Finding YOUR Sustainable way to lose weight and keep it off Challenge


1. How will the challenge work?

Once you register, you´ll receive confirmation email with detailed information, important links, etc but basic outline is:
Every morning for 5 days, starting Monday January 9th, you´ll receive an email with a simple assignment specifically selected to move you closer to your body goals.

Then dive deeper into the day´s topic during daily FB LIVE by me, Coach Turo- If you don't have FB, check question 2.


2. If I don't have Facebook or can´t attend LIVE?

No worries! All of the daily LIVES are hosted on Facebook. However you will get an email with a link for replay after each session.
Facebook is a great way to participate in the community with like-minded people. It's A great place to find support and realise empowerment through community.


3. How much time will I need?

I try to keep lesions as short as possible. Prepare for 20-30min for LIVE Session, another 10min for your daily homework.


4. I haven´t gotten a confirmation email yet.

This happens sometimes. I want 100% to be getting all emails from me because that is my primary communication source during the challenge.

All email will be sent from the email address [email protected]

Step 1: Check your Spam, trash, promotion etc. folders. Sometimes email servers put these emails somewhere where you don´t see it right away.

Step 2: Manually go into your contacts and add “Turo Virta” with the email “[email protected]” to your contacts list

Step 3: Still nothing? Email [email protected] with your name and email address you used to register for the challenge and let me know so I can manually check you got registered and if there is anything in my end that needs to be fixed.


5. What if I can't make it to the daily LIVE Trainings?

I know you are busy! I won´t assume that all participants could attend the lives…. Live.

That´s why I have few ways to ensure you get your access to training ASAP and won´t miss them.

I will email all replays soon as they are uploaded or you can catch replay from Facebook Group right after LIVE Training.